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You have so much more now. Lets merge Harry Potter and Buffy in an enjoyable way, Harry Potter & Daphne Greengrass FANFIC collection. None of your Death Eaters could hope to be my equal, and I will not lower myself to their level.//. Opposite him sat a figure shrouded in a black robe, hands tucked into sleeves. Keeping some of his presence in Voldemorts mind, Harry turned to the woman he had been brought. He gave a vial of his blood to use in core mixture. CLICK HERE! Sleep now, my brave Dragon. Including his twin brother, Julian Potter, the savior of the Wizarding world. What if Harry's sister was the Girl-Who-Lived? Draco paled at how easily Black talked about killing people. You see, Bella? I don't own Harry potter it belongs to J.K.Rowling //Your friends wish to hold you as well, my Wizard. A Cadmean Victory (Mostly romance. And the letter was written in Parseltongue. Yes, having his own blood turn against him would be a terrible blow to Voldemort and the Dark. It was not invasive or painful. The teen got up from the table and swept from the room. He was the epitome of casual when around people he trusted, but all grace and formality around others. I can make it feel how I want, and soft and warm feeling makes people trust me. Olivander told me when I bought it. Filter By. Write your life anew, my Wizard.//. I wont. Now, what shall we do with Diddy-Dinkums here? Most of the time when you couldnt find me at Grimmauld Place, I was in Azkaban. He 20 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry had married and had two wonderful kids - James Sirius and Albus Severus- with the love of his life, Ginny Weasley-Potter. It wasnt safe simply because of who my parents are. I will teach you about them when you wake.. That first year, on the train, you offered me your hand in friendship, but the time wasnt right then. He wanted to use Legilimancy with his next question, but had to push down his fear at looking into those empty, mismatched eyes. These feelings however, do not carry over to the dead. There was a prophecy about Harry, thats true, but he wasnt named in it. Im sure hes not the only confused one here. He needed to move on to his little show before Voldemort got too side-tracked with dull questions about where he had been and when he had turned Dark and all. It did not feel like any Legilimancy I have ever heard of., Severus, we need to know more about this Bone Man. I completed the last bone, my skull, this summer. Draco gasped and fell to his knees, shaking and clutching his head. Fics where Harry is powerful (or even OP/Godlike), and where he is at the very least grey, if not leaning Dark. My Lord? Lucius asked, clearly confused that he had had no part in determining the fate of his son and heir. Its an old-fashioned was to create a tattoo. Friendship, not beta read we die like regulus in the cave, no beta if i make a grammatical error my friend just shows up at my house and eviscerates me, Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE, light on both the crack and the angst. what if he gets himself Dumbledore, Trusted mentor. Madness had reigned on the Dark side before he came. ! Ginny Weasley was the source of the outburst. This was the Inner Circle. The Bone Man swept silently from the room, leaving them all feeling cold and lonely and slightly at a loss to explain it. Several Harry Potters are pulled together across the Multiverse to prevent the Shadow of the Fallen Angel from dragging all of reality to the Void. Blood spells could not lie. Time to give them all a shock, he thought as he let his mental presence seep into the room and over their minds. Harry Potter disappears from the Hogwarts Express at the end of his fifth year. Please let the King know that I would like to speak with him tonight at midnight.// The Dementor agreed and left to seek out the King. A touch of fear? I never heard of someone welcoming a child home by cutting their throat and leaving them to die. Essentially Ron and Hermione abandon him more in book 4 which sparks a lot of darkness in him. Hadrian laughed darkly. I decided to tell Draco when I decided to return to school, and it isnt fair to ask him to keep secrets from his own father. Especially if you go after Bella.. I already knew you used to be Harry Potter.. The less the Light believes I exist, the better. A dash of magic and he could make it writhe and the jaw open and close. Speaking of it birthdays and presents and for you, Rabastan began, but Hadrian shot out of bed before his dihiryn could finish. The story is inspired from the epic poem Padmavat by Malik Muhammad Jayasi and the movie by Sanjay Leela Bhansali with the same name. Draco considered his answer for a long moment. He did still want to be Potters friend, but not if there were hidden agendas. I cant say that he has, Hadrian, Malfoy drawled. He pulled some of the fear out of his mind, examining it in his own, finding all the things that made Draco Malfoy afraid. ).-Harry had always known he was different from the people of Privet Drive in some form (his relatives never let him forget it) because changing other people's hair colour and teleporting to the school rooftop wasn't something ordinary people could do! Under his hood, Harry grinned. Yes, what happened to Mr. Potter is quite a tragedy. How many you scared away from being my friend? //Ask, Hadrian. Once a summer, it became our little ritual, didnt it? Hadrian Black, the newly emancipated Lord Black, happens to be two years shy of a full education and would like to finish them. He was curious as to who this could be. It was a beautiful sound, one that echoed in Luciuss ears and mind, since he laughed with both voices, and Lucius wondered how close of a relationship he had with the Lestrange brother. Weve been over this. Hadrian was proud of him for that. Therefore, I believe it would be best for me to meet one of your followers first, instead of meeting directly with you. This is a collection of side stories from the main story - Raven Black Souls told from different perspectives, different times, and different people, of the unspoken tales in between. I have a better idea, Hadrian promised his father. Hadrian, please. He took the stiff boy in his arms. I have named him nderung, German for change, Hadrian explain for the benefit of those who were not parselmouths. Its just feeding for them, even if it is a little magical. To most people, there is no exciting feature of the Out Stack. They all three took a knife, and Voldemort began the ritual, acting as the caster. In between the dangerous, obsessive masquerade that two boys with crow black hair danced with each other, the untold stories of those around them stay silent and overlooked. My apologies. Using a quill made of pure magic, he carefully inscribed the next rune in the series before dipping the quill in the Dementor blood and moving on to the last rune. Youre a real Black now, and an heir to Salazar Slytherin. Come Lucius. He wanted Harry. The elder blond was quite sure that if anyone else had tried to do such a thing, the Dark Lord would have killed them painfully on the spot. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU MONSTERS! the purple man shouted. He replied, "Because I do not have my heart with me, I have already given her my heart" everyone was getting jealous. Slight AU becoming more different the older Harry gets. Um breve encontro na volta para Hogwarts poderia mudar tudo. I would like to meet with you and a few others privately later.//, Very well. Im afraid not, Molly. //You may. Ten years later, Albus Dumbledore descends upon the Potter manor with a Hogwarts acceptance letter in his hand. Darse cuenta de que tena un hermano mellizo y que se encontraba en una aldea ninja era algo muy diferente. He never like killing his charges. I wanted to give the King a gift, for my thanks. It contains Apparition coordinates and a time and date for a meeting. To Albus Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix. Will anyone at school know who you are? Clearly the Weasleys had a lot of questions. The Dark Lord had only just met with him the night before, but already he trusted him and had even formed an alliance that gave Black equal power over the Dark side. The Inner Circle stared as tears rolled down the Death Eaters face and his body shook with quiet sobs. //Oh, Draco, dont look so embarrassed! ar on the left, meaning grave. Harry Potter has died, but the Bone Man rose from his grave. But then Nott caught his eye, and the illusion was gone. He still had not opened his eyes. He rose with a graceful movement to stand. //When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.//. He knew the Dark Lord planned to Mark him and give him a task, but he didnt want that. Included is a letter for Lucius Malfoy. Changing topics suddenly, he asked, Did the esteemed and thwarted Headmaster say anything about my wand?, He did, Severus chuckled, accepting the change without comment. Its the Dementor King, Rabastan explained. I was already Hadrian Black to them. My son, you are very lucky he has chosen you as his wizard, he murmured. In the opposite corner of the room, Hadrian saw the Dementor King, who bowed to him. Until I see fit, Harry Potter will not exist again. I think he thought I was a vampire. It is not one of the soul pieces you are thinking of, either. Hadrian laughed at their eagerness. Voldemort vanished the bowl and knives. Dont hound the boy, Lucius, Narcissa scolded her husband, hes smarter than that. Ready? Poor Bella still doesnt believe in me. Running diagonally from shoulder to hip were letters, carved deeply with a blade and tinged grey. He stood before Voldemort with his hands tucked into his sleeves, bowed head hooded and cowled. Things don't go to plan thanks to the meddling headmaster. His mind settled over the Dark Lords like the softest and lightest of blankets. A black dog.This is a dark fic. Until he is sent to St Mary's orphanage, where he will find the journal of another wizard who lived at the orphanage. Ever since Yvonne Frey married Henry Lancaster, she alone stayed in an empty house for three years.Just when she was on the verge of giving up, this man suddenly came back and said that he wanted to live together with her!Mr. You will have the most authority over him.. Theyreconnected, in a way, to my runes, so I can always find him.//, And this is what you want to do to Draco. The twins laughed, imagining the stringy man crying into his eggs and toast. He got desperate when he couldnt kill me, started trying to carve out my heart. I want to see his face when he realizes a schoolboy is throwing his precious Order out in the street!. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, People these days don't know what actually bad movies are like. His breath quickened as the man lowered his hood. On October 31, 1981, Lord Voldemort attacked the Potter home in an effort to kill the Potter twins and fulfill the prophecy. I trust him. I will train that boy with all the knowledge and skills I was going to teach Harry this year. Sort By. I bless you. The boy held the Death Eaters shoulders tightly and laughed, a sound of pure happiness that Lucius could feel roll across his mindscape. I can pull the happiness from her. He flicked his wrist and the bones piled themselves beside her head, skull grinning emptily on top of the mound. Looking into them was like looking at death and fear and despair. Despus de todo, quin era ella para decirle que no a esa nueva oportunidad del destino? Before him was a little, round hut with no door. How can you be Potter? //Your birthday is coming up, is it not?// Voldemort asked suddenly. The effect was like seeing through the arm to the bone, but without it actually being transparent. They often trained together, Voldemort teaching Hadrian all the Dark magic he knew and Hadrian helping him learn wandless magic and double casting. And he is going to find me.". He wondered what changes it would make to the effect of the spell. At least hes consistently mysterious, Lucius thought to himself. I shall serve my race and my Wizard-Lord with everything I possess until my dying day.. But what happens when they have the wrong savior Harry Potter never thought his life would turn out like this. Ah, I know, and I dont even need a wand for this. As I said before, Harry Potter is dead, and I will not answer to his name.//, Black, then, Lucius corrected, will you show us your runes? Severus gasped at the scarred body the teen revealed, bearing testament to a dozen attempts to kill him. He frowned in thought. Gallus Hadrian Black, do you deny your blood?, I, Gallus Hadrian Black, called the Bone Man, deny the blood of James Charlus Potter and Lilian Evans Potter.. Oh, theyre not gonna be happy to see you at school! they finished together, dissolving into laughter again. My Lord, hes just a boy! I wouldnt feel right, making him hide something important from you, Lord Malfoy.//. He was quite angry he couldnt convince you to hand it over. I see. Draco collapsed into surprisingly high-pitched giggles. Now, heres the important part. I take them from all my victims. He killed easily, like he was stepping on a spider. He looked no older than Luciuss own son, Draco. Very well. Discourage any friendships with Slytherins you see forming, Severus. The teen in question rolled over and buried his face into Dracos shoulder. Concebido en la miseria y el egosmo, ha sido condenado desde su primer suspiro. Stretching out his mind, he summoned the sick Dementor child and its parent to him. I made it myself over the summers. Then he catches Harrys eyes and grins.Hey, look at us, winners of the Triwizard Tournament![]Harry raises his head, grins back.Yeah, look at us, alive!Harry doesnt know why he is saying the last part.]. The white light that had flashed proved that the vow had held. But Azrael rejected her when he found out she was an omega of her pack. The Dark was celebrating, albeit very quietly. Black, if you wish, you may give Draco his markings today, the Dark Lord drawled out, waving a dismissive hand. Just what exactly are you planning? Hadrian would be a vast improvement in his class from Potter. After all, they could not possibly imagine the truth. 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