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I used to have 285/75/17's (34") but downsized to 285/70/17 (33") due to power and looks. The major decline in traction I noticed was around 30k-40k on wet, snow, icy conditions but they did perform great when new. 285/75-R16 tires are 1.18 inches (30 mm) larger in diameter than 265/75-R16 tires and the speedometer difference is 3.6% . The Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for SUVs and light trucks. Additionally the siping had almost disappeared. They were still going strong, they just didnt look great. are they an MT or an AT? They bark man, they bark. Set of 4. . This is a great off-r0ad option FOR THE MONEY as they will perform and for the most part, get you through whatever section you throw at them. This tire definitely errs on the side of MT due to the lack of siping and larger blocks. My tires arrived today. My personal off-road experience with these has not been on trails or Overlanding. Tire comparisons with silent armor and duratrac. Which of the following are priorities for you. Wheels & Tires; Toyota 4Runner Forum . On the flip side, a 285 tire beats . The Dueler H/T has the ability to get you through light winters but they dont grip very well if there is any sitting snow, sleet, rain pockets or ice. How much lift? However, they do not offer the same level of grip on wet roads that 285s can provide. The on-road performance with Cooper is pretty impressive in their AT3 lineup. Making the jump to a small 32 tire should be fine on stock suspension. I got close to 60k miles with mine. This hybrid tread (technically an AT but has many MT characteristics) design with deep lugs performs superb off-road, gripping just about everything it rolls over. This is a great mud-terrain, but might be a little pricey for some. Both were in 2wd and were fixed immediately by switching to 4wd. This allows the tread to carry you over rock, gravel, dirt, sand, and icy situations pretty well, if thats what you need. People are constantly asking if my tires are new because they wear so well. With these being the two tires that I am pretty much set on it becomes a decision between the 265/70 Duratrac with a more aggressive off-road tread or 275/70 SA that are about a 1/2 in taller and a little less then a 1/2 in wider. As you increase to highway speeds, tire noise takes over as the primary vehicle sound. This is one of those long-lasting all-terrains that many of us strive for but still offer performance off-road. They are not the cheapest option but given the Cooper reputation, I am excited to see how far we can push these EVO MTs. (Tire Width Always Refers To The Measurement From One Sidewall To Another). As a quick rule of thumb, assume the 285 tire is equal to the 33-inch tire. For most 4Runner owners, a well-rounded AT is going to offer the best of both worlds. MTs have a reputation for being louder than ATs and all-season. Seeing how Nitto is a sister company of Toyo you may be able to save some money with a Trail Grappler. From my personal experience and working with customers at Discount Tires (my job), the road noise is just as quiet as some high-end all-terrain. Premium Tyres And Cheap Tyres Available. Highway and All-Season tires usually come on your 4Runner off the lot. I know ppl hate cuz its not toytec, kings etc but you cant beat the price! If you dont add a bumper then you will be fine. So you've decided to take the plunge and fit 285/70/17 tires on your 5 th gen 4-Runner. All-terrains are great for the road, loose rock, gravel, moguls, sand, and different types of dirt or even clay. It holds its own off-road as well, with a proven tread pattern that is capable of getting you farther down the trail than youd think. The KM3 ranges in price from $172 per to $508; of course, size plays a factor in the cost. Off-road the Terra Grapplers are going to offer additional tread over a highway tire for example, but dont expect them to push through extreme terrain or last into the 50k+ mile mark (again they didnt for us). They worked amazingly in the snow. They are a harder compound so you can feel a bit more bumps with them but I will take that as a trade-off for longer life expectancy. The STT Pro is a great off-road tire, but cooper took it a step further with the EVO MT. We took these Dueler H/T on a basic forest service road with a few rocks and humps. you can also look at 255/80r17 or 255/85r16 and think about a longer contact patch when you air that tire down. The lower load range is going to offer you a more comfortable ride although that is to be debated. They were great for the first 20,000 but I wont be buying them again. (Tire Width Always Refers To The Measurement From One Sidewall To Another), This Number Indicates That Your Tire Has A Width Of 285 Millimeters. This is just a quick video to show that largest tire size you can put on a 5th gen 4Runner with an Old Man Emu 3 inch lift. Regardless, this is a very versatile AT/MT tire that will perform great on and off-road. Think I'll stick with my stock wheels too (at least for now). Well I looked it up and the SL in that size is wider. Working and driving through work sites I have put many nails and screws in these Toyo Open Country MTs and not once did I get a flat. I have been wheeling on my 285 70 17 for 3 months now and have gotten pretty tucked up front. On the road, this is a great all-terrain really designed for the highway and around town driver with occasional light off-road terrain trips. I got lucky and the new load range C just came out today and. It provides decent all-year road traction from light to mild snow and rain. 285/70R17 Falken A/T3W, FX Pro wheels, Fox TRD Pro suspension with Wescott lift, Dobinson UCA's, Metal Tech sliders . Both options are great choices for your 4Runner but the LTX M/S has a much better warranty at a whopping 70K miles. However, I think you might have a couple typos on the COOPER S/T MAXX AT section. Snow is not a problem down here in Texas, so pavement, dirt, and mud are about all I'll have to deal with. I will post pictures and tell my fun experience with the FJ swap daystar and spidertrax install on another post that I will title, "FJ swap, sway bar removal and Daystar/Spidertrax Install". If you want an aggressive look, want to test the limits of your 4Runner but still want to keep it as a daily driver, start here. Im getting a 2 lift but wanted to not do the body chop that would be needed with a 285. They provided minimal traction, however, when really pushed on wet, slick or muddy terrain, they start slipping. If youre looking to climb significant rocky terrain or foresee yourself pushing through extreme wet, slick, muddy, and snowy off-road conditions check out some of the other MT tires listed here. 2016 4Runner TEP. Stock TRD wheels or 8 inch wheels? 34 tires require much more trimming, bending, and cutting than a 33 tire. I personally really enjoy a good all-terrain because, for the most part, they have great road manners while providing great performance off-road. I love the articles! However, they do not offer the same level of grip on wet roads that 285s can provide. However, these 4 made in USA tires look perfect. P or LT:The first letter on the sidewall of your tire tells you what kind of tire it is. And after having 2 set I dm nit very impressed with the wear and road noise. The 285/70r17 tires are 32.7" tall. Off-road performance of these irestone M/T2s is amazing. Wheels & Tires; Toyota 4Runner Forum . I ran these on the tail end of a purchased 4Runner with 40K miles and then put them through a final winter before replacing them. Took these off my TRD PRO with less than 10k miles. That is 1.1 inches of difference, meaning that it would raise the vehicles height by 0.8 inches. 265/65 R17 112T. The only downside off-road is they may bust lugs if you spin them hard on rocks. I know the limited comes with 245s but what about running those on a TRD ORP? I have a 2018 TRD Off Road by the way. Two months after relocating to the mountains Ive had a sidewall blowout and a puncture flat. This Treadwright is a budget-friendly MTthat offers many great characteristics off-road but can be challenging in other areas. That way, youll be able to enjoy all of the benefits without any of the detriments. If you are looking for an aggressive tread block design for extreme off-roading while maintaining that well mannered on-road behavior this is an option to consider. The siping and pattern make for good handling and dependable control. If you are unsure which option is suitable for your vehicle, take a look at our comprehensive tire guide to find out! R:This character means that the tire is made with radial construction. This article is a collection of what 20 unique people had to say about their brand of tire. The 285s are out of the running at this point, I'm not experienced enough nor do I have the budget to start trimming or replacing bumpers and all that. The main stand out for on-road handling comes from the open shoulder slots. Nitto has a large line of Grapplers, including this model, the Terra Grapplers G2, along with the Ridge, Trail, and Mud models. The Falken Wildpeak AT3 performs exceptionally well on-road. This isnt always a turn off though. Anyone know what wheels are the the ones pictured on the magnetic gray 4runner in beginning of mud tires section? Usually, the KO2 fits the weekend warrior well. The article for tire sizes indicates no rubbing at all. William thanks man, yeah it can be confusing. The new BFG KO2 is supposed to be their toughest KO yet. Nonetheless, I am so pleased with them that Im about to order another set. Although being a stronger compound, you may not see the same soft, sticky grip as you would with some other AT or MT options. Battling all of the wet elements, the SLA will take you through the most severe on-road conditions yet still keep it quiet in the cabin. Daily commuting-weekend warriors will fair fine with this selection if its the look they want. Someone who daily drives their 4Runner 90% on-road and 10% off-road. Choosing the right tire for your vehicle can be a daunting task. They have been absolutely fantastic in the wet, cold, and off road. NOTE: The width of a tire is measured from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters, not the contact patch only. The BFG KO2s are a go-to for a variety of reasons, but mainly because theyre great on and off-road. In fact, Toyo has an impressive warranty backing the P rated version 65K miles and te LT sizes 50k miles. The Firestone M/T2 was brought to the market a couple of years ago to replace the original Destination M/T. oz. I have 285s. 16:The size of the tire is measured in inches. The P26570R17 means that the wheel size is 17 inches. I would go to the snow and they had no problem in the snowpack, Ice and stush. Off-road truck tire size comparison: 265/70R17 vs 275/70R17 vs 285/70R17 in video chronological order:265/70R17 vs 275/70R17 vs 285/70R17 BF Goodrich KO2 (:.

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