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Beretta A400 Xcel "Black" Cole Special - Beretta A400 Xcel 20 Gauge - Beretta A400 28 Gauge -. Perhaps because of the well-known reputation of Benelli as the maker of fine semiautomatics, even a casual observer will notice the new Model 828U almost appears to have been constructed with some semiautomatic parts or features. The detachable trigger module has a cocking plate that is pressed rearward by a projection when the top lever is moved to open the action. I don't particularly care for the looks but I'm old school. Of course, if a barrel does not fire, the plate remains in its extractor-only position, and separate rods gently press back the extractors, allowing manual removal of that unfired shell. Each barrel is soldered to protrusions machined over the one-piece, heat-treated monobloc. Combine those conditions with several inches of snow on the ground and a temperature that failed to rise above the single digits, and the hunt proved to be the ideal opportunity to test the mettle of a gun that, at that point, still posed far more questions than it answered. The pen is a nice color, and the metal nib has a nice texture to it. He eventually gave up on it and moved on to a more reliable gun. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. Poor patterns, weak target hits, and uninspiring features all contributed to our low grade for this shooting tool. People are not being rude, but they are probably of the opinion that casting rose petals on a pile of dooty will not improve the stench. Shooting just a little high is exactly what a field shotgun should do to handle rising targets. At this point, its worth noting that the 828U was designed for easy access to its breech. Error Code pii_email_a42277285fa7a777ff7e Solved, Personally identifiable information PII doesnt belong in your email University Information Technology The University of Utah, How to Get Rid of the pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25 Error. The recent release of the Browning Citori Model 725 Field seemed to be perfect timing for the head-to-head competition. The Fire-Lite mechanical triggers in the Model 725 are both smooth and crisp, going the extra step to help a shooter stay on target when touching off a shot. As far as technology is concerned, the Benelli 828U Shotgun stands out from the crowd with the help of next generation of recoil reduction and progressive comfort; custom fit with the QuadraFit Buttstock and Custom Fit Stock that is adjustable drop and cast; and Crio system for more uniform pattern. He said company engineers were reserved, not letting on that the gun they were working on was an over-under. Vignaroli used the term global comfort to describe the 828Us combination of weight, balance and ergonomics. the past 2 yrs. It is released by pressing a button at its front. But againit's hard to build a field gun with a steel receiver under 7.0 lbs in 12 ga. One of our test-team members scrounged up a heavier load (a 1-ounce, 1,230 feet per second shell) that did eject from the bottom barrel. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I might sell a kidney to get one. I flew to another city and had to break down for checked bag as my case cannot fit it assembled. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. An Over-UnderFrom Benelli?There had been no hint that Benelli might venture into more traditional forms such as break-actions. This system has a set of interlocking polymer leaf springs in the stock to reduce recoil. Silver Pigeon. The stocks exhibit figure and also have fish scale checkering in panels on the fore-end and pistol grip. I have been wanting to buy some benelli pens for a while now, so Im glad I bought it at a discounted price. But that's just one gun, one guy. Both versions have sold very poorly and have had issues. I hear it's dead easy to disable, but blimey the number of swear words during out 60 clay trying was rather large :-) 2) During our test, there was a case where the gun didn't close. I've seen/read a LOT more dissatisfied comments and very few positive ones. Two small springs (arrow) hold the block away from the receivers face when the action is open so that it is positioned to interlock with the monobloc as the action hinges shut. Oof. They are generally not well regarded, in spite of several glowing articles by gun writers. Ive made several small changes to my pen, and these were done using a pen for a few minutes, and then a few minutes of practice until I got the pen ready to use it. I apologize if I mistook your replies for rudeness. I have a Beretta 686 for example. So maybe nearer 10,000 shells down the tubes and an intermittent problem has appeared when the gun is warm - the bottom barrel fails to fire, all I hear is that faintest of clicks - rather than the typical sound of a triggered firing pin, the primer of the shell is untouched (have eliminated low primers, changed brand of shell to no avail), when cool it's back to . Experience with both, shot a 725 Skeet for 12 months and put nearly 20,000 rounds thru it. The Beretta you have will run circles around it if it fits you. Fit and comfort in the hands and to the body of the user are of critical importance to ensuring success on small, fast-moving targets. After all, its corporate parent since 2000, Beretta, had been in the gun business 441 years longer and, during that time, had managed to turn out more than a few fine side-by-sides and over-unders. In the field, my first shot on a live bird brought a similar, satisfying experience. Pressing it fully through its arc first withdraws two barrel locking pins from their recesses in the monobloc then rotates a lever fitted with a roller within the receiver that presses back a cocking plate in the trigger module to load the striker springs. It is a pen that is also very expensive. We did find that the balance point of the shotgun was slightly behind the lightweight, aluminum receiver, rather than the preferred point right between the hands as with the Browning. I spend a lot of time at gun clubs and I have seen only one and it had 28 inch bbls. (20-gauge) The stock A subject close to my heart, and one I can grasp more easily than the benefits of a replaceable breech face, is gun fit. I have good things to say about all of them. An included tool allows easy removal of the module from the gun. *What is the (approx) street price for a new 828u Sport? Think I'll just order from soortsmans and they say i can always decline it when it shows up if it's not my cup of tea. The 828 is a design that had serious potential, but is extremely lacking in configuration and execution. We were particularly impressed with the pattern spread, finding a very solid and uniform distribution of hits. I have never seen one being shot in person. This Model 725 Field was no exception. Benelli 828u Sport - First Look Review - NEW 2019 1,027,956 views Jan 25, 2019 The Benelli 828u Sport has just been delivered to us. It's an overly complicated gun. I have only seen one of the sporting versions in use in the area I shoot. We had plenty of semi-automatics, so we wanted to go in a complementary sector by adding a product that would match the needs of other Benelli customers, said Vignaroli. I personally have doubts about it holding up to heavy shells and shooting at volume. A carbon-fibre rib sits atop the 30in barrels, and a unique, patented steel locking system has been developed by Benelli's engineers to reduce wear and tear on the action. Press J to jump to the feed. Combine those conditions with several inches of snow on the ground and a temperature that failed to rise above the single digits, and the hunt proved to be the ideal opportunity to test the mettle of a gun that, at that point, still posed far more questions than it answered. Add in the sub-par patterning performance, plus some ineffective target busting time on the range, and our shooters said the new 828U stack-barrel does not live up to the standards of the high-quality semiautomatic firearm innovator. of No. I have shot a few of them on Demo days next too several other O/U. Our shooters documented no handling problems in any of our testing. If it doesn't fit you, look for a Browning 725 Sporting, Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting, even a Blaser F16 (used) is in the realm of possibilities. Have only shouldered one, never had a chance to shoot one. Im not a shotgun expert by any means but before I bought the super vinci a few years ago I picked up as many shotguns as I could and that one felt right immediately to me. There were 202 hits in the 20-inch circle with the Modified choke and 164 hits with the Improved Cylinder choke. An added benefit of the levers graceful design is that the shooting-hand thumb can rest naturally alongside it atop the receiver. According to Vignaroli, The modularity of the design means that the function of the various subassemblies is almost independent. He added that, Wherever it is needed is strong material; wherever it is not needed is light material. For instance, the aluminum receiver is unstressed, and departs even from other aluminum-receiver shotguns in the sense that its hinge and locking components do not directly bear the brunt of firing stresses. I am also hoping that the colors they are using are a more accurate match to my pen. However, a guy at our club has a new 30" 828U Sport and it felt really nice (I didn't get to shoot it). Zent, reflecting on those early discussions about the 828U in Italy, said of the gun that he was finally able to hold and shoot, I think what we see now is very close to what was on the drawing board then. It was about as loon as my A400 xcel reciever, balance from what I remember felt so so, it didn't fit me at all, and it felt like it swung light, as a field gun should or would. As if I could actually write with my pen. Through a thick Italian accent, the Benelli technical director and 20-year company veteran enthusiastically explained the ins and outs of the 828Us development, but it wasnt long into that conversation that I realized the 828U would require little translation to resonate with certain American shooters. I have the model with the silver receiver. Silver Reserve. I have never owned a Benelli but have read about the SBE issues. Thomas Jefferson. The matte-blued barrels and receiver helped reduce glare and seemed to be of high quality. To subscribe to the magazine,visit theNRA membership page here and selectAmerican Rifleman as your member magazine. However, 76 percent of the total hits in the 30-inch circle were in the lower left quadrant and there were four, 3-inch holes in the pattern, mainly in the outer 10-inch ring. It also exhibited generally neutral handling. What should the discerning collector look for in a potential buy? Nice guns. Discuss firearms, politics, 2nd amendment news. Been loving this game since 01. My first impressions of the gun, shooting at quick, going-away presentations, was one of seamlessness as it came from the high-ready position to my face. The 828U makes some guys turn into hostile teenage girls. They do support the Franchi line, which isn't exactly an endorsement. For younger shooters or shooters with shorter arms, the new Benelli 828U Compact comes with a 26-inch barrel and 14-inch length of pull, shortened from the 828U's original 14 3/8 inches. Two versions are available: one with a black anodized receiver and one with a silver-tone receiver said to be the result of a nickel-based treatment. AgainI shot a very limited number of times. Back at the office, during the course of several weeks shooting in different settings and throughout several hundred shells worth of varied ammunitionwhether plastic- or paper-hulled, having high or low brass heads and in various payload weights and velocitiesan informal test group encountered no failures with our nickel-finish, 28"-barreled test sample. Hello I purchased a 828U several months ago in 12 gauge, and have had nothing but problems. I'm trying to be the person my Little Brown Dog acts like I am. The benelli 828u pen is a small, high quality, battery operated pen. The only reason to buy one is because it says Benelli. Only broken it down 2-3 times. I do, but no such luck, nothing on the website as in stock anyways, I'll call to double check. The plate features four contact points with the barrel and moves forward and backward on springs as the shotgun is opened and closed. They introduced a 20 gauge version this year. This new field model patterned well, broke targets well, and looked good while doing its job. Do they make these in longer barrel lengths yet? Benelli Armi SpA of Urbino, Italy, is a relative newcomer to the gun business, having emerged in 1967 from its parent motorcycle manufacturing concern with an idea for a new type of shotgun action. The pen is very comfortable to write with, and is the perfect size for comfortable writing. Citing the guns operation as part of the global comfort theme, Vignaroli said the 828Us unique breeching system eliminates the need for a close-tolerance fit at the locking catch, making the gun easy to open. The surprising part, though, was how nonintrusively it had done so. As to the stock, Vignaroli said, The grip shape and wrist have been developed through studies of different hands and gloves to ensure a better fit and better approach to the trigger. A replaceable polymer cheekpiece allows for changes in comb height, and the Progressive Comfort recoil-mitigation system inside the buttstocka series of interlocking polymer tines that flex to soften the guns movement into the shooters shoulderis capped with a soft rubber recoil pad radiused at the heel to encourage snag-free mounting of the gun. 828 U Product Manual (14.83 MB) For: 828 U Shotguns, 828 U Upland Performance Shop Shotguns, 828 U Sport Shotguns. Why are you disassembling it so often? Nice shot! came a shout of approval from a fellow hunter, at which point I realized that the 828U had just done exactly what it was made to do: serve as a seamless extension of a hunters body in order to bring game to bag in challenging situations. I bought an 828U Sport May 2019 - 30" tubes, travelled some distance to buy one with a decent bit of wood - some of them look like they have stocks made from reclaimed pallets. They point and swing super well. Most noticeable is the shotguns patented locking mechanism that incorporates a free-floating locking plate in the front of the aluminum receiver. Written and photographed by Ralph Winingham, using evaluations from Gun Tests team testers. This field shotgun provided a solid, well-balanced platform for handling clays and birds, as expected. Be ready for some hate. I dont have one, but have fondled one a few times at the local shop. Benelli 828U Steel Specifications Chamber: 12- and 20-gauge (2 3/4- and 3-inch) Barrel Length: 26, 28, 30 in. I have been in the market for a midtier over under and am a huge Benelli fan as well. Rather, the guns strikers are cocked by operating the top-mounted opening lever. In the case of the Benelli 828U, it's a matter of 'easy if you know how', and even then both removal and refitting of the breach face baffled me for some time. I really like the silver with the engraving. They simply aren't very good and they are more than twice the price they should be. ozs. To minimize this, the 828U cheekpiece has a replaceable Air Foam pad that cushions your face. The 828U differs in a couple of important respects. The swing was beautiful but the recoil destroyed me. May just be magic beans but reading and listening to the reps the action design is very interesting and the first major divergence from the John Browning friction design. In fact, it has been my favorite pen for so long. Defiantly not my favorite sporting gun but it wasn't designed for that. Its not like its a Chevy Have you got Scheel's where you live? Current offerings are in 12 gauge with 3" chambers and 26" or 28" barrels. Excellent - 95%+ condition with or without box. Somebody with too much money paid about $700 to take one shot with it and decide he didn't like it. We should note that the version of the Benelli made available to us was a 26-inch-barrel anodized-aluminum receiver model, while the Browning provided featured 28-inch barrels and a silver nitrite receiver. The shotguns length of pull was 14.25 inches, with a drop at the comb of 1 58 inches and a drop at the heel of 2.5 inches. I have a pen that takes up a lot of space, and I really like the fact that I can carry both pens at the same time. That the 828U breaks with the tradition of previous over-under shotguns and with all other guns that have come from its family before it is without question. I'd like to hear from thoughts from some owners. A U-shaped spring steel wire clip attached to the cocking plate automatically activates the safety when the gun is broken open, but can be removed by the user to deactivate that feature. It handled very well on the clay-target course, excelled on the patterning board, and helps a shooter look sharp to his compatriots while serving as a solid shooting tool. 828U 04-2020.pdf (16.67 MB) For: 828 U Shotguns, 828 U Limited Edition. I am not/have not advertised it; but, I'd likely sell it, it is just sitting there unused and unappreciated. 4 nickel-plated lead shot at 1485 f.p.s.not a particularly mild load for a 12 gauge weighing only 6 lbs., 9 ozs. Wasn't that. I believe his 828 has 30's and that might have been by choice as he is a smaller guy. Over on Shotgun World in I love my Benelli, there have been some problems reported about the 828 U trigger assembly dropping out, ejector problems and problems with the breech lock popping open. The ammunition, too, obviously, plays an important part, and ours was, somewhat appropriately, an Italian-made Fiocchi GPX offering consisting of 2" shells carrying 138 ozs. Archived 828U Sport thread. B Britlover Member Feb 19, 2020 #5 I bought one about 3 years ago. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. In addition, such guns were usually made with steel receivers that bore the stresses of firing, meaning that their bolting and hinge mechanisms had to be made to account for wear that occurs after repeated use. This article, "Breaking With Tradition," appeared originally in the November 2015 issue of American Rifleman. That's the extent of my dealings with one. The Benelli does beat the weight issue, at some cost IMHO. In a classic example of premature innovation, we found the new Benelli 828U simply did not function, feel, or perform as well as a veteran Browning Citori 725 when fired head to head. So we had to pay particular attention to the right angle and the right ergonomics of this lever through its geometry, Vignaroli said. A lip at the guards front engages a groove in front of the receiver well, and a spring-loaded plunger at the housings rear locks the unit in place. Assistant Editor Christopher Olsen, a dedicated hunter and clays shooter, described it as fast-handling and its balance as perfect. His sentiments were reinforced by his sister, Samantha, another NRA employee and a collegiate-level trap shooter. Hello I purchased a 828U several months ago in 12 gauge, and have had nothing but problems. They have sold so few new ones there simply aren't many on the street.Look on Gun Broker. You could do most of this research yourself. I bought a Guerini instead with a kinetic balancer and love it. Benelli is not giving me any additional information, but have stated it is damaged and they will not repair or replace the wear I have apparently done. The 828U is not cocked by any system of rods or levers, but rather by the top lever itself. The pen allows you to write on the front of your computer without having to make any adjustments to your computer, it also has a rechargeable battery which can last up to 3 hours, and it also has a light. Performance & security by Cloudflare. If you're only going to drag it out for upland a dozen hunts a year or less I think one could justify it. Utilizing an inertia trigger system that requires the firing of the first barrel to engage the second, the Model 828U triggers touched off at 4.5 pounds for the bottom barrel and 4 pounds for the top. Connecting with birds under such conditions can be a challenge, and it requires a gun that points naturally, swings fast and predictably and is capable of shooting tight patterns. I don't think he wants to scratch it! Both chokes however would screw into the bottom barrel with absolutely no issue. of No. With that being said, every gun I have bought I have shot beforehand, so it would be uncharacteristic for me to buy one without trying it, though it is clear there aren't many of these around. Everyone that I know that has bought one of these got over them fairly quickly. A. . When I first got the firearm it became stuck in the "cracked open" position not able to come apart or even be closed. My Browning Citori White Lighting 16 ga. feels just as good in my hands and about the same weight. 712 shot shells at a range of 30 yards, we found the Modified choke in the top barrel produced a 57-43 percent pattern (57 percent above the center and 43 percent below) and the Improved Cylinder choke in the bottom barrel produced a 62-38 percent pattern. Problem w/ most Field O/U is the aluminum actions don't hold up to heavy shells and shooting a lot and its hard to build a field gun w/ a steel receiver under 7.5lbs. When the new Benelli Model 828U was introduced, devoted fans of Benelli semiautomatics rushed to get more information. 31,328 views Sep 10, 2020 460 Dislike Share Save Go Shooting 15.5K subscribers Subscribe Russell and Lauryn Mark review the new Benelli 828u Sport, a firearm that breaks many of the traditional. To consistently break targets, particularly those with any distance on them, we had to hold high and right, not the accepted and typical practice of shooting where you look. That truism may be one of the reasons why the release of a first-ever over/under produced by veteran semiautomatic manufacturer Benelli was greeted with such fanfare. A guy at a field trial I was at a year ago had one and I really liked it. You must log in or register to reply here. I have shot one and it's definitely no slouch but after years of growing up on Bronwing SO's and now Beretta 68x guns I just can't get with it, it's just too "different" for me to get comfortable with. The swing was beautiful but the recoil destroyed me. with pheasant hunting every year has one and likes it. As for the dimensions of the new introduction into the over-and-under market, the drop of the adjustable comb was set at 1.5 inches and drop at the heel was set at 2.25 inches when we assembled the shotgun for testing. She praised the guns appearance, calling it nice and light and adding that it balanced and came to the face well. Technical innovation must drive it, and function and durability must trump styling, but, ultimately, the styling must be distinctive. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. He offered me his new 828 field ? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For our firing tests, we set up at the patterning range where we quickly discovered that the Crio Flush Fit chokes (Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full) included with the package were not a match for the Browning. However, we noticed there was a little creep or spongy feel to the pull with both triggers, unlike the crisp, sharp pull of the Browning. While the aforementioned is readily apparent by examining the guns exterior, it is inside that the Benelli departs from, or, more properly, defies convention. Realize, too, that this was legitimate wild-bird hunting among wide-open crop fields and across rolling terrain that was as natural as pheasant habitat gets. They include (l.): a shim kit that offers 40 different combinations of cast and drop adjustment; the Progressive Comfort recoil-mitigation module that resides within the buttstock; and interchangeable cheekpieces that can be swapped out to provide proper stock-to-face fit. The First Benelli 828u video of UK Stock and we thought. Lots of 'creep' and pretty heavynot knowing the formal measurement. The companys first attempt at offering shooters a stack-barrel, rather than a semiautomatic, prompted our readers to call for our shotgun test team to put together a match-up of the Benelli 828U with a comparable model made by another firearm manufacturer. I have no idea what I could be doing to cause this issue. The pen is a nice size, and has a nice weight. A colleague of mine had one of the sporting versions. The ammunition, too, obviously, plays an important part, and ours was, somewhat appropriately, an Italian-made. I did handle it, I couldn't get over how long the reciever was. Should not take a lot of force to snap closed. Further isolating the fore-end and barrels from the receiver are what Benelli refers to as impulse activated ejectors. Benelli Model 828U No. Our trip to the patterning board before field testing on the clay target range with the Browning was an eye-opener. The floating breech block us intriguing, as are the re-designed ejectors. She appreciated the buttpad for not hanging up on clothing, liked the matte finish of the carbon-fiber rib and pointed out that the removable breech block would make cleaning easier. The solid carbon-fiber rib is another potentially customizable component, requiring only the loosening of a single screw for removal. I have used it for hours at a time, and it is very comfortable to write with. I pulled the auto safety as well. This offers added durability and eliminates the need . Again, unlike shotguns of old, which required fitting by an expert and labor-intensive, permanent changes to the stock, the Benelli system is relatively simple to customize by the end user simply by referring to a fitting table in the owners manual. Condor. There are no cocking rods. I've own 'B' guns, SKB's, and Rizzini O/U's. The 828U opened and closed smoothly and felt solid at lockup. Recently, in a move unexpected by nearly everyone, Benelli created an all-new, lightweight over-underthe 828Uand, with it, an opportunity to capitalize on its reputation among brand loyalists, waterfowlers and shotgunners in general.

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